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Hawke and Fenris

by mightier

Oh Garrett <3 



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Artist: Hawke, Fenris
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Hawke: Your problems are my problems.

Fenris: Unlucky you.

I adore this little snippet of banter because it manages to convey so much about both characters and why I love their relationship.

Hawke tends to make everyone else’s problems his own. It’s simultaneously one of his most admirable traits and one of his worst flaws. Meanwhile, because of the life he’s led, Fenris has never been able to count on anyone, so he’s naturally inclined to bear all of his burdens alone—even when they’re too massive for one person to handle.

I see this as one of the major stumbling blocks they face, in terms of developing an intimate relationship.  But ultimately, I like to think that they find a happy medium, and they each benefit from their differences.

Fenris comes to trust and rely on Hawke. He discovers that it can be healthy to share certain burdens with another person.  And he reciprocates, too.  He’s got Hawke’s back, whatever comes, even if it means defending mages in hopeless battle. That unconditional support is something Hawke desperately needs as well—given the magnitude of his own problems.

At the same time, Hawke learns that loving Fenris doesn’t mean fixing everything in his life. I imagine that there are some private struggles that Fenris never shares with Hawke. There’s a level of independence Fenris needs to retain, because of who he is, because he needs to be his own man. It’s why he remains in that dusty old mansion rather than moving right in with Hawke.

But on top of that, some problems simply can’t be fixed. Some scars last forever. Some burdens have to be shouldered alone. Learning to accept that is a pretty important step for Hawke, I think.

Jeez, what a freakin’ ramble over two lines of dialogue. I’m sorry. I just love them both so much and have so many feeeeelings.


also agree with everything autumnbb says one thousand percent.

I need a new tag for ‘dialogue that has never triggered for me’

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For my Dear Valentine Bampire~

I couldn’t decide which of the options to draw so I drew ALL OF THEM

Hope you have a love-ly day!

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by ~RoyLover


I needed this <3

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DA chibi X-Mas trade with spiderkiss :3 Hope you like it!

I know it’s a little early, but I’m trying to knock the digital trades out of the way.

(I lost your e-mail OTL I have a slightly larger version, if you want me to send it)

Squeeing and flailing in my chair OMG

Thank you so much! Ah, His Face XD dat grin, the ice, I LOVE IT

I’m hoping I’ll have most of the cards done and sent during my days off this week so hopefully they’ll get to everyone before xmas

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I finally finished it, e-gads I’m slow! Arquen wrote Caught in the Rain for me with Marric Hawke and Fenris and now here’s Gwenya Hawke and Fenris being back-to-back-bad-asses!

This was a lot of fun (custom Hawkes! I luv them!) and I’m actually really happy with how it came out, I hope you like it too!

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this is the most terrifying picture of all the pictures and i believe it is actually the harbinger of eschaton

…lol okay no on a more serious note tho, that kind of dialogue path is actually like my favorite thing because it informs so much about the character of hawke, who is honestly one of if not my absolute favorite figure in da2.

like, dgmw, i have great respect for people who custom-build hawke personalities and give them well-woven backstories, but i’ve always been a huge proponent of working within the confines of the character rubric the game presents.

hawke is a person, and a fairly well-defined one. his (or hers but today we’re goin with his) appearance, class, dominant personality traits and political opinions can vary, but there are still some fundamental things that make hawke hawke. flutiebear touched really nicely on this.

in bioware games, to fully understand the world with which we are presented, we need to know everything about them. there are scores of youtube videos detailing different outcomes of different events so that we, as viewers, learn everything there is to learn. you can’t truly know meredith unless you side with the templars, and you can’t claim to understand anders or merrill or isabela or anyone else unless you understand their rivalry paths.

what i effing love about going full hawke purple path, no deviations, is that we get an unadulterated, pure look at everything purple hawke is.

he’s incredibly deflective, and he likes to put on an air of never taking anything seriously, but that false sense of self-awareness and the occasional crack in the mask expose that same man in pain that the other two personalities vaunt so well.

he’s weird. his sense of timing is fantastic, and sometimes his jokes land home but more often than not he’s absurd and audacious and downright bizarre. he’s off in his own little world half the time, the mark of someone who’s not happy with the real world.

purple hawke actually reminds me a lot awakening-era anders, someone who desperately wants to be ‘normal’, the ‘only sane man’ when really he’s anything but, someone who pays lip service to escaping the turmoil and literal insanity that follow him but really probably revels in rolling in the muck.

so yeah, that lack of tact and constant barrage of completely inappropriate remarks that define purple!hawke runs deeper than the surface. if he doesn’t take anything seriously, nothing can hurt him, except that in the end it so does.

what an uncommon and deconstructive videogame protagonist ahhhhh

and this post is why i love purple hawke so much. ademska already touched upon her love for working within the confines of default so much better than i ever could. but i love this character because he is so completely flawed, because his jokes are poorly timed and downright inappropriate, because he sticks his foot in his mouth all the way up to the leather-clad knee at the best of times—and let’s not get into the worst—and he’s able, on the good days, to chuckle it off with that deep little laugh, awkwardness and self-consciousness and a roll of the eyes and a shrug of the shoulders and, above all, the ability to move on.

the need to move on, because until kirkwall, he’s been moving his whole life. 

he blunders. he steps in it. there’s more than just the shit of kirkwall that he has to scrape off his bootheel at the end of the day. he’s self-aware enough to know he should cringe and he does cringe, whenever a line falls especially flat. and not everyone is forever charmed, or even remotely charmed. and the parallels to awakening anders, each dire unsocial flaw, each wretched and helpless pun, the desire or even the compulsion to go for the humor regardless of its propriety—it’s all part of this attitude, all part of that ability and lifestyle

moving on

it’s a system of deflection. it’s a damn good one. it’s worked for a man in constant motion though it doesn’t work for a man who’s settled down—for however long he thinks it will last; for however long he thinks it won’t. every one of those awful lines point, unrelentingly, to who he is, who he’ll never be. not the eternal hero—but the tricky protagonist.

and when my skin crawls with second-hand embarrassment, my heart pretty much swells with love. 

I would so happily wallow in discussion on the purple Hawke personality for hours on end, it is my most favourite (no surprises there with Marric being 90% purple). I love that each personality of Hawke looks to have different relationships with the companions, Varric MotA nickname ‘Chuckles’ made me swear to take him with me the next time I run through, just to hear it.

I love that purple Hawke is the best liar of the three personalities and what that says about how they allow others to see them and I love that purple Hawke fails utterly when trying to intimidate the lowtown slaver in act 1. Purple Hawke is all about trying to find the bright side and he/she is also about deception and deflection.

I don’t think anything will break my heart more then Hawke brokenly saying “You know me, I always save the day…” while cradling the body of his/her dying mother.

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/scribbles them on


Th-that face.

W-weh. ;3;

c’merebabyimnotmadatyou -hugstonot!boobs-

that pic is called ‘kickedpuppy.png’ on my laptop XD

I think the world would implode if Fenris and Quinntus had a puppy-eye battle.

Must reblog

*dead from puppy eyes*

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i wonder if hawke wants to run his fingers down that stripe of visible skin on fenris’s back

i know i do

My Hawkes think about this ALL THE TIME.

Also, shoving their hand through it, and feeling up his back underneath his shirt while making out <3

Oh creators I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets terribly distracted by that stripe of skin.

With Marric… Even from the start, now and then he kind of had the urge to just reach out and run his finger from the bottom to the top, just imagining how it would make Fenris straighten up/jump… but he’d never dare actually do it for fear Fenris would kill him for real.

Do not startle the reasonably paranoid ex-slave.

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Ok since people liked my little unfinished drabble here’s something that actually has a conclusion.

This is actually something I did for the Dragon age kinkmeme all the way back in June but I’m really happy with it. It’s one of those short little one shots that I actually finished, the prompt was for Fenris to have a ‘thing’ for m!Hawke’s human ears, I remembered one of my older drawings of Marric and Fenris and it went from there. So here it is, a little tweaked and with Marric’s name back in it since as anon I stuck with just ‘Hawke’

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