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Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats plays softly in the distance

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Reblogging myself because even though I’m seeing a whole bunch of anatomy errors I’m still fairly proud of this picture of the Sith Inquisitor Tiargeth. I’d been wanting to do a Mucha style picture for the longest time and Tiargeth here finally gave me the inspiration. Seductive little manipulator that he is.

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I have been waiting for them to do that, I couldn’t understand WHY they didn’t do that..

(this is on the PTS, btw..)



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I should be in bed but

I kept seeing this thing making the rounds on my dash

About how different body types in a Bioware game isn’t feasible because of armor or cutscenes


You all know Bioware made SWTOR right?

and SWTOR has four different body types for each gender?

I mean they weren’t perfect in the sense that female type four still has a thin waist while male type four is almost cube shaped and other such nitpicks…

But they still managed different armor

and cutscenes

with different body shapes

It can be done

They’ve already done it….

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OOC: I will seriously draw large amounts of things for someone who gets Tiargeth a cyan colour crystal

Like full colour portraits or action or even couples or something

you don’t understand

He’d look so pretty….


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That’s exactly 1.2 million credits I need on Ebon Hawk lmfao


Quick sketch for 100k (example)

Fancier sketch for 200k (example)

More detailed black and white character bust for 500k (example)

Detailed + colored character bust for 850k (example)

I’m only doing this for a little while because I’m hard up on cash but I want to dress up my dolls

signal boost!

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Google can be very instructive

I’m writing a little ficlet for Shakarian Sunday since it’s been quite a while, and decided to go looking for what I could call Imani’s exact shade of red hair color (she is a bottle redhead, she used henna for years and then finally broke down and got her shit genetically altered when she was making decent salary as a biotic N7 officer)

so i end up on this Marie Claire article. “is red hair right for you?”

this is the first bullet point on their list of criteria for whether or not you should dye your hair red:

Your skin is on the pink side. 

There is a “right” red out there for most women, says Jennifer J, a Matrix celeb colorist and owner of Juan Juan Salons in Southern California (she colors Julia Roberts’s auburn mane), but women with cool or pinkish skin pull it off best. Conversely, women with golden or olive skin have a tougher time finding one that’s flattering.”

translation: no red for you, brown bitches. you will just look ghetto and trashy.


Ew, fuck them. They have no idea how beautiful reds look against brown skin of all shades. Much better than against some pasty pink looking like a lightly boiled lobster.

All the mighty whitey redhead bullshit is making me want to dye my hair red as a big fuck you, tbh.

My Hawke would like to have a word with anyone who has the nerve to suggest that red hair is not good on brown skin.


that is one pretty Hawke

obligatory pic of olive-skinned red-haired Marisol:


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It’s called ‘Come here… I promise to kill you quickly’ which is a blatant lie because Indraksha doesn’t kill things quickly. He toys with them until they’re begging for death and then he toys with them some more.

I am SO proud of this you cannot even comprehend. SO, SO proud. Lookit my baby there! Lookit how sinister he looks! It is going onto the wall of Indraksha (seriously, it’s all Indraksha pictures, it’s insane) and I am going to love it lots. I was gonna have lightning coming out of his left hand but I’m not sure if it’ll ruin it or not so I’ll leave it be.

Also, those gloves (they are gloves) were white when he first go them… PRISTINE white. So white it hurt to look at in the sunlight. Not so much anymore…

eeee look at this everyone!

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i don’t think i ever posted this and i don’t know why

sexiest blue dance party

this is so awesome…

but now I want to hunt down all the Twi’lek players and get a Twi’lek pile going or something


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OOC: IRL friend of mines character based on an older original character and translated into SWTOR. Imperial Agent suits him very well I think. We were playing today so here’s Zenathae for Sketchvember

today’s sketchvember reblog~ Zenathae belongs to Madhattie3