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Wanna see how many potential friends are out there :)

Was I tagged in this simply because you know I’m a B5 fan?

< Babylon 5 fangirl right here :D

B5 will forever be one of my favorite Sci-Fi shows.

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“The first episode in which Londo appears and does not throw something across a room is Episode 7.””

— My friend from college who is just getting into Babylon 5 for the first time.

I feel this calls for a gif. ^^


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Babylon 5 - 2x09 “The Coming of Shadows”

8 caps per episodes

Seriously, this is one of the strongest episodes of 2nd season and maybe of the whole series. It is just all the darkness, irony, messed up destiny… everything happening.. all the things weighting in. Seriously good episode.

"For a hundred years the Centauri occupied our world, devastating it. We swore we would never let that happen again. This attack on our largest civilian colony has inflicted terrible damage and loss of life. They’ve crossed the line we can not allow them to cross. As a result two hours ago my government officially declared war against the Centauri Republic. Our hope for peace is over. We are now at war. .. We are now at war."

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"This is like being nibbled to death by… what are those Earth creatures called? Feathers, long bill, webbed feet… go ‘quack’."

"Ah! Cats!"

"Yes! It’s like being nibbled to death by cats!"

-- Ambassador Londo Mollari (Peter Jurasik) and Vir Cotto (Stephen Furst), “Babylon 5: Chrysalis” (via there-isnofate-but-whatwemake)

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Just a friendly reminder that Londo Mollari once spent 7 days trying to figure out what the Hokey Pokey means only to find out that it meant nothing

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I realize most (if not all) of my followers aren’t interested in a Londo Mollari picspam, so feel free to move along.

I know it’s weird but that’s just how it is

I am interested. I am very interested.

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If we can’t write diversity into sci-fi, then what’s the point? You don’t create new worlds to give them all the same limits of the old ones. (x)

I never see Aeryn in these women of sci-fi compilations.  Seeing her in one makes me happy, she’s queen of my heart.

I want to add Dalenn or Ivanova in there somehow

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I love rainbow gradiant graphics a lot, and I realized that I had never seen one for Babylon 5, so I tried to make one?  I was originally going to use caps from all five seasons, but I already had too many after I finished taking caps from season two, so I only used season one and two caps on this.  And I think I used too many Shadow ships, but whatever.

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Can not run out of time, there is infinite time. You are finite, Zathras is finite. This is wrong tool. No. No. Not good. No. No. Never use this.

-- Zathras, War Without End, Babylon 5 (via elluvias)