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No-no at-at!

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one of the best moments in star wars history.

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Why, you slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler. 

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At first I was just going to share this with my boyfriend unsure if he had seen it, but then I realized it is a topless Maul, and I love me some hot Zabrak.  So here we are, me sharing this amazing picture done by this awesome person here.


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Reblogging myself because even though I’m seeing a whole bunch of anatomy errors I’m still fairly proud of this picture of the Sith Inquisitor Tiargeth. I’d been wanting to do a Mucha style picture for the longest time and Tiargeth here finally gave me the inspiration. Seductive little manipulator that he is.

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We finally have Star Wars and we’re watching what my friend Ash calls “the Machete Cut”—4-5-2-3-6, which makes 2 and 3 a flashback about how Anakin fell right after the big reveal.  I have developed the most horrible headcanon about 2&3 now, but they suddenly make a lot of sense: (possible TW: discussing use of the force roofie power)

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Head canon accepted

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I think this is my favorite Obi-wan moment